Report a side effect or product complaint or make a Servier product related enquiry

Servier Laboratories (Ireland) Ltd.

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Please complete this form to report a side-effect, make an enquiry about a Servier medicine or to report a product complaint.
Adverse events should also be reported to Servier Laboratories (Ireland) Limited by submitting this form.   If you are a patient reporting a side effect please also talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.  This includes any possible side effect not listed in the package leaflet.
We will contact you as soon as possible to fully report it.
All the information and personal data which you provide to our company will be treated as confidential and processed in accordance with data protection legislation.
This information will be used for the purpose of drug safety surveillance. In order to do this, it may be shared with Servier Head Office and health authorities.
You have a right of access and a right to rectify information we hold about you.
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