Stock Shortages


14th February 2019

Servier Notice:

Out of stock - Acerycal ® 5/5 (perindopril arginine / amlodipine)

                      - Coversyl Arginine ®  10mg (perindopril arginine)

                      - Coverdine 10mg/2.5mg/10mg (perindopril arginine / indapamide / amlodipine)

Servier Laboratories (Ireland) Ltdregrets to advise that we are currently unable to supply products listed above to the market in Ireland. This disruption in supply is due to a manufacturing delay.  These products are expected to be back in stock before the end of February 2019. The return to supply will be notified through the HPRA and the IPU medicines shortages list. 

Patients should consult with their Healthcare Professionals regarding alternative treatments and it would be advisable to monitor blood pressure during the transition period. For queries regarding availability of stock please contact Servier Laboratories (Ireland) Ltd. at Tel: +353 1 6638110 or via our Contact Form.